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[dropcap] C [/dropcap]ustom Unique Landscaping Corp. offers many services to keep your lawn and shrubs in topnotch condition. Using only the highest quality products suited for this area and the newest techniques, our state certified staff will help you maintain the health and beauty of your landscape. We also respect the environment by following “IPM” guidelines, which promote cultural practices to prevent disease and insect damage while minimizing the use of pesticides.

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[dropcap] C [/dropcap]ustom Unique Landscaping Corp.  built by providing quality craftsmanship along with valued customer relations. We set our standards high and pride ourselves on paying attention to details and on rapidly responding to all of our client’s needs.

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[dropcap] C [/dropcap]ustom Unique Landscaping Corp.  offers a wide variety of lawn care services tailored to the wants of its community members and needs of the local climate. From weed control to core aeration, lawn fertilization to various insect controls, we do things the way you would, if you only had the time.



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[dropcap] C [/dropcap]ustom Unique Landscaping Corp. landscaping program offers complete packages, to bring your landscape from a raw start to a beautiful finish. We offer a wide variety of quality landscaping services that include design, installation and maintenance.



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[dropcap] C [/dropcap]ustom Unique Landscaping Corp. offers a comprehensive approach to this type of design. Our method or approach is considered design-build. We guide you through a process and develop your landscape to suit your needs. We offer the motive, means, and capability of designing and installing your outdoor projects



Service Programs | Service Programs consist of lawn care and shrub care Specific products, rates & method of application will vary with the season, weather conditions and the needs of your lawn as determined by your Custom Unique Landscaping Corp Specialist.

Timing of Treatment |  Custom Unique Landscaping Corp.’s complete 7 Step Lawn Care Program & Complete 6 Step Shrub Care Program are generally made at 4 to 7 week intervals.

Weather & Cultural Practices | These regularly scheduled programs may be modified depending on the weather and condition of your landscape. Your Custom Unique Landscaping Corp Specialist will keep you informed on any modifications to this schedule. The success of this program depends on proper watering, mowing and cultural practices.

Service Calls | Custom Unique Landscaping Corp is committed to working with you in every way we can to achieve the lush, well kept lawns and shrubs you’ll be proud of. Should you ever have a question about our service or the treatment program, please contact us.

[tab_nav type=”three-up” float=”left”] [tab_nav_item title=”Disease Problem” active=”true”] [tab_nav_item title=”Insect Problem”] [tab_nav_item title=”Boring Insect Problem”][/tab_nav][tabs] [tab active=”true”] Climate conditions, type of disease and plant material affected will impact response. Results for difficult-to-control diseases will vary depending on environment, culture and agronomic programs used or treatment applied. Treatment for diseases may include additional cost. [/tab] [tab] Total insect elimination is not desirable with any program because beneficial insects will be lost along with the targeted pests. Acceptable levels of activity and targeted applications combine to give enhanced plant aesthetics. [/tab] [tab] Plants invaded by borers have a high probability of death or decline. Sound cultural practices and control applications may extend the life of some plant species. Treatment for boring insects may include additional cost. [/tab] [/tabs]